Why You Should Never Give Up (8 Reasons To Keep Fighting)

Two men climbing a mountain who will never give up until they are at the top.

You can often feel lost in the complexity of motivation. It comes, and it goes. These feelings are normal, especially as you work hard to achieve a long-term goal or dream. However, regardless of how lost and unmotivated you feel on any given day, you should never give up.

The key is to maintain mindfulness and motivation to continue with your journey. Sure, it can be difficult to continue at times, and you may think it is the end, but your job is to persevere.

In this article, we review eight reasons why you should never give up and instead, keep fighting to the finish line.

1. You Are Choosing To Fail

While you work to achieve any goal or objective, the fear of failure often plays on your mind. What if you aren’t actually able to accomplish what you intend to or hope to?

For many people, maybe yourself included, that fear of failure is enough motivation to never give up. The fear and constant reminder that you might not achieve your goal is enough to keep you working hard. It provides you the motivation to go to extreme lengths that others will not, in order to guarantee your success.

However, for other individuals, when the going gets tough, they take the easier route and give up. Maybe you can relate to that statement in certain aspects of your life.

Instead of choosing to fight to achieve your goals, you quit, and you make excuses. When you give up, you are choosing to fail. There is no one else is to blame in this situation but yourself when you don’t achieve your ambitions.

While it might be easy to set goals for yourself, working to achieve them is a whole other conversation. For the next goal you set, work to see it through. Do not stop working at it until you achieve it.

Instead of losing interest in a few months because you haven’t yet succeeded, double down on your effort. Will you choose to overcome that hurdle, or will you choose to fail? This is one of the most important questions when deciding to never give up.

2. The Success Will Be Worth It

The success you achieve at the end of your pursuit should always be a big enough reason for you to never give up. You are working to accomplish a goal for a specific reason or outcome. That outcome should motivate you enough to keep fighting when you have thoughts of giving up.

When you do have thoughts of wanting to give up, think about why you started and what you are trying to achieve. Your initial motivation for achieving any goal is the outcome. What will your life look like when you accomplish what you set out to do?

Keep that outcome in mind throughout your struggles. The success you will experience will always merit the struggle. The greater the struggle and sacrifice, the bigger the success.

3. You Will Be Able To Say I Told You So

Think about all the people who have ever doubted you. It doesn’t just have to be people who have doubted you as you currently work to achieve your goals. But also consider the individuals you have encountered at different stages throughout your life.

Maybe it was a close friend, a teacher, a coach, or even a family member.

Picture them all standing at the finish line watching you accomplish your goals. Despite their lack of belief in you, you achieved what you set out to do. Think of how satisfying it will be for you to prove them wrong?

If you never give up, you are providing yourself the opportunity to one day tell those who doubted you, ‘I told you so.’ Use their opinions as a way to fuel your motivation. Keep their doubts in the back of your mind, work hard and one day, prove them wrong.

4. You Are Following In Someone Else’s Footsteps

Most individuals aren’t trying to explore Mars or re-invent the wheel. Chances are, the goal or objective you are trying to accomplish has been done before.

With that being said, your circumstances might be a little different and, as a result, put you at a different starting point. Regardless, someone else has accomplished what you are working to achieve. That alone should be enough motivation for you to never give up.

The realization that someone has already experienced what you are currently going through proves that your goal is possible. That they were able to overcome the struggles that are causing you to consider giving up.

If possible, find that someone who has already achieved what you are working to accomplish and reach out to them. It might be someone you already have a relationship with or maybe an outline tutor or mentor that you follow.

Let them know that you are currently struggling to pursue your own goals. Ask them how they were able to overcome their own struggles. Take advice from those who have already experienced what you are going through. It will help save yourself a lot of time and frustrations.

Have comfort in the fact that others have achieved what you are trying to accomplish. Let that be the motivation and inspiration for you to never give up. If they can do it, so can you.

5. Regret Will Eat Away At You

One of the main reasons that you should never give up is that if you do, regret will eat away at you.

You don’t want to look back on various times throughout your life and wonder ‘what if?’ or ‘if only I kept working hard towards that goal.’ As your reading this post, maybe you can relate. Are there specific examples that come to mind where you regret giving up your pursuit of a goal too easy?

Instead of creating more regrets, come up with a plan on how you will see your current goals through to achievement.

The musical instrument you always wanted to learn, the business you always wanted to start, the adventures you always dreamed of going on.

Whatever it is that you are currently considering giving up, think about the regret you will feel at a later date. Use that as your motivation to keep fighting through the tough times you are currently facing.

6. Someone Else Will Replace You

Another reason why you should never give up is that if you do, someone else will replace you. Someone else will get to live that dream that you have been working so hard to achieve.

This is true for almost all the goals and objectives you are working towards.

Think about career advancements, artistic or musical endeavors, pursuing some form of education, or a sports-related pursuit. In all instances, if you give up, someone else who shares the same dream as you will be waiting to replace you.

As you decide to give up, the goal that you were so close to achieving will now be fulfilled by your direct competition. Recognize that it is not just you who is seeking out success and fighting to achieve goals.

Individuals all around the world share the same dreams and ambitions as you. While you decide to give up and stop trying, they are working twice as hard to overtake you.

By giving up, you are allowing others to take what is yours. Keep fighting until you have successfully achieved what you set out to do, otherwise, step aside while you watch someone else live your dream.

7. The Pursuit To Chase After Something Meaningful

Another reason you should never give up is that you lose the opportunity to chase after something you find meaningful.

While you might have different drives and ambitions from those around you, a common theme is that everyone pursues objectives they find meaningful. Your ability to chase after your passions and interests comes to an abrupt stop if you decide to give up.

If you do make that decision, you are giving up a piece of your identity, a piece of who you are. Some days are worse than others. If today is one of those days where you feel like quitting, before you give up, be sure to recognize all that you are leaving behind.

While you now might be fixated on achieving a specific goal or your own definition of success, often it is your passions and interests that originally caused you to pursue this journey. So before you give up, don’t forget why you started.

8. Look Back At The Progress You Have Made

When you are working to achieve any goal, there are times when you feel as though little progress is being made. You are working day after day to pursue your dreams, but your success or happiness isn’t matching your hard work.

It is at times like these when you need to look back at the progress you have made. Sure, it is always easy to recognize what you haven’t yet accomplished or see others who are further ahead in their journey than you.

However, instead of these negative thoughts, think about where you started. Look at how far you have come since you started out pursuing the goal you are trying to accomplish. Consider all the new skills you have learned, the connections you have made, the opportunities you have been presented with.

When you are able to recognize how far you have already progressed, it is more incentive for you to never give up. Sure, you haven’t reached your end goal yet, but you have made considerable headway. Keep up the hard work, and it won’t be long until you have reached your destination.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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