Why You Should Go After What You Want In Life?

Why You Should Go After What You Want In Life

You will never truly feel fulfilled or satisfied if you don’t go after what you want in life. Sure, it is difficult to attain your dreams or goals. But making excuses or choosing not to pursue them will only leave you with regrets at a later stage in your life. Stop living your life in fear of your own failure and go after what you want.

When you go after what you want, you are choosing to take control of your life and the direction it will go. As a result, you will be happier, more motivated, fulfilled, and not live with regrets. Most importantly though, your actions will inspire and motivate others to do the same.

If you’re having trouble finding the motivation to follow through with your plans and goals in life, we will discuss this topic more in detail in the sections to come. Keep reading to better understand the 6 reasons why you should go after what you want in life and stop thinking, “I can’t.”

1. Go After What You Want Because You Will Be Happier

This isn’t a secret, but when you are doing something you hate, or don’t love, you will be unhappy with your life. Happiness is not easy to achieve. It is a journey that requires constant effort.

However, if you want to feel happier, you need to choose to do the things that excite and interest you. It’s difficult finding the right path, but if you know what you want, don’t hesitate to go after it. 

Many people have the wrong mentality. They stop themselves from fully seeking their desires. They adopt a victim’s mindset and convince themselves that life has dealt them the wrong hand.

Furthermore, they believe they will never have the skill or ability to achieve the goals and dreams they have set for themselves. This is not the mindset you want to be in if you are aiming to be happier in life.

Sometimes your circumstance can feel like everyone is aiming at you.  But if you give all your control to the world surrounding you, you are dooming yourself to misery.

It’s only when you take matters into your own hand and take control that you can achieve lasting happiness. When you can get yourself to take steps towards what you want, your life will feel different. You will feel happier as you do the things you want to do.

2. When You Chase After What You Want In Life You Will Be More Motivated

Not only will you feel happier when you go after what you want, but you will also be more motivated. It’s harder to put effort into things that don’t speak to you.

Maybe you are in a job you can’t stand, or maybe you aren’t following your passions. When you know you don’t like something, you aren’t going to put your full effort into it.

Really, it’s hard to fully engage with work that you haven’t chosen for yourself.  It can even be hard to muster up the energy to give your best effort in these circumstances. This is why it is important to go after what you want.

When you are moving towards a goal that you are passionate about, you’re naturally motivated to work harder.

This is because you want to improve the circumstance of your life. There is a purpose to what you are doing. A goal in mind and an end game that can change everything for you.

This is especially true when your goals align with other peoples. When you know you can make improvements to the community or society you live in, you naturally want to continue working. 

Furthermore, when you enjoy the work you are doing or activities you partake in, you want to do more of it. This will only better yourself and add value to your work. It’s much easier to lose yourself in something you are passionate about.

For instance, if you switch to your desired career path, you will want to work longer and harder because your motivation increases. As a result, the outcome of your work will create a better product and lead to further opportunities in your profession.

3. When You Stop Thinking “I can’t” You Will Find More Meaning In Your Life

Everyone wants to find meaning and purpose in their life. Following a passion or goal helps you develop a more meaningful life. If you don’t have goals or don’t have things you want out of your life, you will feel empty. You won’t have anything to work towards or to look forward to. 

However, when you decide that you want something and you actively go after it, you are able to create a strong sense of purpose in your life. As you work towards your goal, you are reminded of why you are living and why you continue to exist.

It serves as a reminder of why you need to keep living and working hard each day.

Many people suffer in modern society because they are working at jobs that hold no purpose for them. Maybe you are dealing with this as well. However, when you can choose what you do with your life, this instills something of value into you. 

Especially when your goals go beyond yourself. It’s good to have personal goals you want to attain. But when what you want can make the world a better place, or help other people, this creates even more purpose and drive in your life.

4. You Will Have Fewer Regrets When You Go After What You Want In Life

You don’t have an infinite amount of time to reach your goals. Unfortunately, life is short, and you never know how much time you really have. You could live a more comfortable life and settle on a safe or easy path. But this will undoubtedly result in regret and unhappiness. 

So don’t give up on what you want. With whatever time you have, you should be pursuing career paths, hobbies, and any other goals you want to achieve.

When you look back on your life, you do not want to be filled with regret. One day, you won’t be able to move your body. Age slows you down and makes it harder to change your life. You should not wait for this to happen to you. 

While you are still alive and able, go after what you want. People make excuses all the time. They say they can’t do anything right, that dreams are impossible. But as long as you are alive and healthy, you should make every effort to go after what you want.

If you pursue something and it doesn’t work out, at least you attempted. You wouldn’t have to wonder what your life could have been like if you weren’t too afraid to try. You only have a finite time to live, so spend that time chasing after what you want in life.

5. Going After What You Want In Life Will Enable You To Grow As A Person

When you experience life and are willing to take risks, you grow and mature. Going after what you want is hard work. There is no denying this reality. But if you can persist through hardships and take the time to work on your goals, you will see major growth in your life.

Sometimes you will fail, and sometimes you will succeed. Take each experience as a lesson. Not everyone gets what they want, unfortunately.

Life can be unfair. But even in failure, you can learn more about yourself and your passions. If you are successful and able to obtain your goals, you will be more resilient. You will know how to get the most out of your life and your abilities.

However, you will still learn valuable lessons if you fail or find out that your passions aren’t meant for you. Throughout the process of finding the things that you are not meant for, you learn about new passions. New doors will open to new possibilities. Likewise, after you accomplish one goal, new dreams and passions will form to take over that space in your life.

In short, always keep reaching for what you want in life, and you will never have a dull moment. You will be living the fullest life you can without regret or fears taking over.

6. You Will Inspire Others To Take Action When You Chase After Your Goals And Dreams

This final benefit is one of the most rewarding parts of going after what you want. At first, you might not be confident in yourself or your abilities.

Living life your own way is difficult. Not only will you doubt yourself, but the people around you will doubt you as well. People will always judge you. But if you can keep going forward in the face of this adversity, not only will you gain confidence, you will instill confidence in others

Humans are pattern-seeking species. Individuals like to look at other people as a model for their own potential success. If the people around you see that you are pursuing your passions and dreams, they will naturally be inspired.

Your ability to do what you want is something that all people aspire to. Just being able to do this will be noticed by and helpful to those around you. 

Many people live their life trying to get the approval of others and be successful. But what is important is living a life that makes you happy and is one of your own choosing.

It will take time to go after what you want, but as you go on your journey, you will inspire friends, family, and onlookers with your persistence. So stop thinking “I can’t” and don’t ever give up on your goals.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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