Why Is Happiness The Key To Success? (Full Guide & Examples)

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Success and happiness are undoubtedly intertwined, but which is responsible for which? Successful people are often more content, but those who are initially happy can use that positivity to fuel their endeavors. An optimistic way to look at the link between these two accomplishments is that happiness is the key to success.

Happiness is the key to success because happiness leads to increased personal performance, a better chance of achieving your goals, more opportunities, less stress, and less potential for problems.

Research suggests that successful people are often in a better state of well-being than their less successful counterparts before they find their triumphs. People who are more cheerful early on are more likely to find employment, excel there, and become more successful.

Keep reading below to learn more about the top 5 reasons why happiness is the key to success as well as 5 simple ways you can improve your happiness.

Why Is Happiness The Key To Success?

Psychologists use a variety of metrics to measure happiness and its effects on your success. Even defining happiness itself is a difficult endeavor. However, experts typically use the term to mean subjective well-being and positive emotions.

Through a myriad of studies, psychologists have determined that there is a direct link between a person’s level of happiness and how successful they are.

But do successful people find happiness in their achievements? Or are they achieving their goals because of their positive outlook?

Conventional wisdom would suggest that happiness is a result of hard-earned success. Pop culture and media often reflect this with stories about unhappy underdogs coming out on top and finally feeling happy.

Many would even say that the American dream is centered around the philosophy that working hard guarantees success, and therefore happiness. But modern psychologists have found evidence that the equation might be backward.

Those who are happy to begin with often have a better chance at achieving success.

Studies have shown that people who have a high level of general happiness outperform their less cheerful counterparts at a variety of cognitive tests. Happier people often find themselves more frequently up for promotions and wage increases.

Furthermore, they also tend to land higher-paying and more satisfying jobs initially. This would all suggest that happiness is the key to success, not the other way around.

Top 5 Reasons Why Happiness Is The Key To Success

How can you see the impact of your happiness on your level of success? Or the influence it has over your coworkers and loved ones?

Below are a few examples of the effect your mental state or happiness can have on your achievements, and how it can improve both your life and the lives of those around you.

1. Happiness Is The Key To Success In The Workplace

Studies have shown that happiness leads directly to success in the workplace. Compared to their more melancholy coworkers, happy employees tend to earn more and receive more favorable evaluations from their superiors.

They also tend to miss fewer days due to illness or other misfortune. Contented jobseekers often find better and more satisfying roles in their field.

Happiness also seems related to higher wage earnings and more frequent promotions, suggesting happy people achieve more in the workplace.

You can take advantage of these phenomena by bringing a cheerful demeanor to work. Be the contagious happiness that you and your coworkers need to find success in the workplace.

2. Increased Happiness Will Lead To Better Personal Performance

Happier people tend to perform better in all aspects of their life, not just work. While success tends to be focused around the workplace and material goals achieved there, happiness is pervasive and follows you home from work.

Surrounded by this positivity, you will often find success in your hobbies and other extracurriculars. The satisfaction you feel from improving and doing your best creates a feedback loop of positivity in your brain.

You do well because you feel good, and you feel even better because you are excelling. As a result, this makes you work even harder to achieve new goals and ambitions.

3. Happiness Is The Key To Achieving Your Goals

People with strong emotional well-being often have an easier time defining their goals and then pursuing them. One study showed that college students with high levels of happiness were more likely to find jobs in their fields within just a few shorts months of graduating.

Another study demonstrated that teenagers who were more content than their peers were more likely to find prestigious jobs and feel financial security by the age of 26.

The connection between happiness and the goals you achieve demonstrates the power of positivity. Approaching your goals with a positive mindset helps you achieve them more effectively and efficiently.

4. As Your Happiness Increases You Will Have Access To More Opportunities

Successful people often seem like they are just in the right place at the right time. But these situations are cultivated around them due to their cheerful disposition.

Happiness is infectious, and most individuals enjoy being around people that make them smile. Managers and playmakers are no different and will often choose those employees that are cheerful when it comes time for promotions and endowments.

A certain halo effect can often open the door for happy people to have access to more opportunities and rewards.

5. Happiness Is Contagious – More Happy People Means Less Stress And Less Potential For Problems

When you are happy, the people around you can both feel and feed off those emotions. Subconsciously, individuals enjoy being around contented people because they make them feel content as well.

More directly, working closely with someone cheerful brings that cheer into your life, making you more cheerful as well. Be the bastion of positivity in your workplace, spreading contentment simply by having an exuberant demeanor.

Simply smiling more often at your coworkers or those around you can improve both their moods and your own. You don’t need to go overboard, but realize that how you conductor yourself and the outlook you promote affects those around you.

5 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Happiness

So, if happiness truly is the key to success, how can you improve your own and start reaping the benefits? Experts have tied several factors to personal happiness and contentment.

Many revolve around altering your perspective of the world around you. The release of endorphins in the brain also has a powerful effect on your happiness.

While there are a number of methods to better your own mental well-being and satisfaction, outlined below are a few easy things that you can do right now to improve your own state of happiness.

1. Reflect And Be Grateful To Improve Your Happiness

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your own happiness level is simply noticing the good things in your life and being appreciative of them. While everyone has problems and issues they are facing, the chances are that you also have many things to be grateful for.

Take a moment to realize you are more fortunate than you might realize. Each day, try to reflect on the prosperity you do have. Focus on how it can center you and help you elevate your mood.

By focusing on your haves rather than your have-nots will give you a better overall perspective on life. This will also help you to be more positive in general.

2. Increase Your Happiness By Connecting With Others

Reaching out to your friends and loved ones can do wonders to improve your emotional state. The connections that you have forged with these people reinforce your own sense of self-worth and positivity.

By engaging with the people you cherish, you are able to fulfill your social needs that also improve your own mental state. Research also suggests that happiness is a collective phenomenon. Your own happiness is often tied directly to the happiness of the people in your life.

3. Do The Things You Love – Chase Your Passions To Improve Your Happiness

Taking time to chase your dreams and pursue your interests always improves your perspective. Even just a few minutes a day spent doing the things you enjoy most will boost your overall enjoyment of life.

Experts also suggest engaging in new hobbies and activities if possible. Learning a new skill makes you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Whether an old favorite or a new interest, indulging in your passions releases endorphins and makes you feel satisfied.

4. Make Physical Activity A Priority In Your Life

Another easy way to release endorphins is to engage in physical activity. Regular exercise improves your mental state as well as your physical health.

From light aerobics to full training regimens, any extra physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel better about yourself.

Furthermore, self-improvement is often a source of improved happiness. Improving your body will also improve your self-image and self-esteem. Both of which are directly tied to how content you feel in general.

5. Stay Positive – Everything Happens For A Reason

Staying mindful of your own perspective can help you improve your mental state. Searching the gray clouds for silver linings can pay dividends when it comes to your level of happiness.

Remembering how good things are versus how bad they could be will provide you with the outlook to overcome everyday adversities with a smile.

And much like other happiness-related topics, positivity is contagious. As you share your positive outlook, those around you will be encouraged to share your worldview.

Final Thoughts

While it may not always be a simple task to be happier, you can choose to take control of your own level of happiness. Furthermore, happier people are more typically more successful people.

Identify the obstacles that are stopping you from being more content and work to overcome them. Seek the success you desire and achieve your goals more easily by viewing the world through a lens of positivity.

Get a little exercise and take some time to play. Many small steps and tweaks to your worldview will add up, giving you and those around you a more cheerful perspective on life. If a little bit of positivity can go a long way, an abundance can carry you far.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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