Why Is Happiness Important In A Relationship? (A Complete Guide)

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Cultivating strong and happy relationships is key to your health and wellbeing in life. In fact, many studies have confirmed the necessity of relationships and social connectivity for a happy life. You want to have strong social ties with family, friends, and romantic partners to live your best life.

Happiness is important in a relationship because the happier you are with the people around you, the stronger and more enjoyable your relationships will be. The emotions you feel around other individuals play a big role in the happiness and strength of those relationships.

Cultivating these relationships and benefiting from them is only possible if you are happy when you are spending time with that individual. In fact, if you are miserable around someone you are socially tied to, you can actually worsen your quality of life and happiness.

In this article, we’ll talk more about happiness in relationships. You’ll learn why happiness is so important for your relationships and four tips on how you can improve the happiness in your various relationships.

Why Is Happiness Important In A Relationship?  

It should come as no surprise, but happiness is an important factor in any type of relationship you have. Really, if you want a successful relationship, your happiness is key. This is because the emotions you feel around people play a big role in the outcomes of your relationships.

In truth, the happier you are with the people around you, the stronger and more enjoyable your relationships will be. Think about it this way. When you regularly experience positive emotions like joy and happiness around someone, you are more likely to want to spend time with them.

You will want to feel happy and will stay motivated to interact with that person because they make you feel good.

This feeling and motivation are important to the longevity of your relationships. Spending more time with someone makes your social bonds stronger and keeps you in contact with each other.

A group of friends laughing.
Humans Are Motivated To Interact With Others Who Make Them Feel Happy

However, if you are constantly avoiding someone because they make you unhappy, your relationship is bound to suffer. Relationships are not static things, they require upkeep and maintenance.

You need to actively take time to talk and keep up with the people in your lives to stay connected and happy. But, if you are constantly unhappy with a friend, partner, or family member you will not maintain your relationships.

Happiness can seem like such a simple thing. But it has a massive influence on your connections. The absence of this emotion alone could break an entire relationship.

And sure, you could stay connected to people and not be happy with them. But you won’t have as great of a relationship as you could have. This is why you must work on being happier together with the important people in your life.

As humans, basic intuition motivates us to improve and spend time on things that make us happy. Furthermore, we want to interact and stay connected to people who make us feel happier in our lives.

Why Do Relationships Make Us Happy? 

Relationships, both romantic and non-romantic, are crucial to your success and happiness in life. We talked about this briefly at the beginning of the article, but this aspect of relationships cannot be emphasized enough.

All humans need connection and social interaction to be happy. In short, you need to be around other people and have relationships to experience the best qualities of life. Without relationships, happiness is much harder to achieve.

But why do relationships invoke such intense feelings of happiness?

Scientists and various psychological researchers have studied the impact of relationships on happiness for decades. Of course, money, material things, and jobs are a part of the equation of happiness.

However, researchers have found that relationships are much more important when trying to build a happy and meaningful life for yourself.

Really, being loved within a relationship just makes you happier. Humans require other people to ward off depression and other negative emotions.

A group of four men laughing and being happy.
Humans Require Other Individuals To Be Happy And Ward Off Negative Emotions

And when you are isolated, alone, and unconnected to society, you are bound to be less happy. As humans, we have a strong need to belong and feel useful to the people around us.

Individuals want to be connected, and relationships are a part of their fundamental needs. How important happiness is in a relationship is especially apparent when you are able to find lasting connections.

People that have stable and supportive family, friends, and partners live a more fulfilled life. They are more confident, less depressed, and much more motivated to live life fully.

You can’t be happy all the time of course. Any type of relationship has ups and downs. But relationships do have the potential to make you happier in your life.

Additionally, relationships not only make you happier, but they also help you stay healthy and motivated. When you don’t pursue good relationships, many aspects of your life suffer, especially as you reach more advanced ages.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the value of your relationships to your happiness and wellbeing.

Happiness Is Important In A Relationship – Here Is How You Can Improve And Maintain Relationships

So how can you improve your existing relationships so you can stay happier and healthier with the people in your life? In this next section, we’ll discuss some useful tips.

1. Stay Connected And Spend Quality Time Together To Improve Happiness In A Relationship

Any relationship requires work. This is true whether you are dealing with friends, family, or romantic partners.

You need to put in the time and effort to see positive results in your relationship, especially if you want to stay happy with the people around you. It’s a practical idea, but many people don’t follow this basic step.

People assume that once you have a good relationship it will stay that way. However, life changes people and their circumstances.

If you don’t keep up with the people you love they will feel neglected and misunderstood. So it’s best to keep in regular contact to avoid this outcome.

Spend quality time with people you want to maintain a relationship with. Let them know you are there for them and care about what is going on in their lives. This is the best way to keep your connections afloat, thriving, and happy.

2. To Improve Happiness In Your Relationships, Build Each Other Up And Be Encouraging

You don’t just want to spend time with someone. You want to have meaningful interactions with the people who are important to you. How you talk to the people in your life is important to your continued happiness in a relationship together.

If you meet up with a friend weekly, but only criticize them, or bring other people down, you will not be helping yourself. Negative energy sucks the happiness out of relationships.

And if you are directing that negative energy towards a friend, or other relation, you might be doing damage to your relationship. In the long run, it’s better to encourage and build up the people you spend time with.

People remember when you praise them and encourage them to do well in their life. This leads to more happiness and more open communication.

You want to have a positive and nurturing vibe around those you spend time with, in order to create a happy atmosphere. And in turn, this can make you happy as well. It’s always better to build people up.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Love

There’s this saying, that actions speak louder than words. In relationships, this couldn’t be more true. You want to show people that you care about them not just say you do.

It’s easy to verbally say you love a friend, a family member, or a lover. However, if you don’t show this through action, you could be creating a lot of unhappiness for yourself and the people in your life. Everyone wants to feel cared about, and you need more than your words to show this.

For instance, if you say you love someone but you don’t spend time with them or don’t take the time to listen to their concerns, you can create doubt and unrest in a relationship.

You don’t want to set yourself up for relationship failure by ignoring the needs of the people closest to you. This ties into the first tip. You need to put in work to show that you care about someone, this way they have no reason to doubt you or your intentions.

Don’t make empty promises but instead, be proactive. Take your parents out to dinner or do your partner’s laundry. Plan a vacation with a group of friends.

Anything can help really. You just need to show the people around you that you care. Small acts of love can really go a long way in cementing happiness into your relationships.

4. Improve Your Happiness By Creating Realistic Expectations For Your Relationships With Others

Lastly, you want to create realistic expectations for your relationships. Happy relationships aren’t about having perfect friends, lovers, or family members.

No one is going to be perfect in your life. And no one can meet your expectations one-hundred percent. You need to stay realistic and talk about your expectations with others.

Furthermore, you don’t want to place your expectations too high. Unhappiness stems from a disconnect between reality and your expectations of reality. You can’t expect people to conform to all your demands. Otherwise, you are going to be unhappy in your relationships.

In truth, to have a happy relationship, you need to compromise. People in your life will let you down from time to time. They won’t fully meet your ideas or ideals.

However, this is okay. The important thing is to focus on the positives of the people you surround yourself with. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have expectations, you should. Just that your expectations are realistic and understanding. If you can do this, you are well on your way to improving and maintaining happiness in your relationships.

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