What Motivates A Person To Change? (5 Inevitable Reasons)

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It’s tempting to live a comfortable life without much change. However, without change, life grows stagnant, stale, and unproductive. Routine and familiarity have their place, but if you want to get the most out of your life, you have to make some changes. With that being said, what motivates a person to change?

Typically, you become motivated to change when your current life doesn’t fit with your expectations. The desire for you to want or achieve something greater can motivate you to change in order to do so. Some common factors that can motivate you to change include:

  • feelings of emotional discomfort or distress
  • goals you want to achieve
  • when you hit rock bottom
  • tired of a repetitive or unfulfilling routine
  • searching for meaning and happiness in life

In truth, if you are motivated to change your life, you are more likely to obtain success and happiness. In comparison, if you are unhappy with where you are at in life and don’t choose to make any changes, an unhappy or unfulfilling life will stay miserable.

Many factors play into the motivation of a person to change. There are several ways to motivate yourself and the people around you to change.

Some of these motivating factors are nurtured by choice. Others arise from your life circumstances. In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into these motivations. This way, you can find the will power you need to change your life around.

Why People Are Motivated To Change?

The motivation to change can crop up at any point in your life. Whether you are young or old, any number of life events could cause you to want to make a change in your life.

Typically, this motivation to change occurs when your life doesn’t fit with your expectations. Maybe you hate your job, or you are unhappy in a relationship. Maybe you just aren’t happy with where you are or have a goal you want to pursue.

In any one of these circumstances, the desire to change can arise.

Think about it, when you have everything you want in your life, you aren’t going to want to change much. In fact, you’ll be more motivated to prevent change in order to maintain your current happiness and lifestyle.

Of course, there is some sense in maintaining a life that makes you happy. If you have a good marriage or a good job you don’t need to drastically change these aspects of your life. But you do want to stay motivated to still further develop and grow.

People who are motivated to change can adapt better when life takes a wrong turn. 

Problems can arise even when you have what you want. Life is ever-changing. You can have your dream job and life one moment and lose it the next.

Alternatively, you can work to obtain everything you think you want and realize that it wasn’t what you wanted at all. Instead, you might be seeing a new path for yourself on the horizon.

Really, you want to be able to keep up with the demands of your life. When you become aware of the importance of adaptability and growth, you can do this.

When you motivate yourself to continue to change, you realize that life doesn’t have to stop giving you what you want. This could create a sense of unease within yourself. You might feel like you will never be satisfied. But the truth is that from this unease arises a need to change.

It is important to keep finding meaning and purpose as you live. There is a time and place to be comfortable and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

However, it is better to be motivated to change and to evolve yourself as opposed to staying in a stagnant mindset. Life is about moving forward not staying in place.

Top 5 Factors That Motivates A Person To Change

The next section talks specifically about five factors that motivate a person to change.

1. Emotional Discomfort Or Distress Can Motivate You To Change

Emotional distress can be a big motivating factor for change. When you become emotionally uncomfortable with the way you are living, you don’t want to stay stuck in place.

Instead, this discomfort will motivate you to change how you live to help ease any psychological pain. There are many examples of this happening in life.

For instance, someone might visit a doctor and find out that their lifestyle is killing them. Maybe it is substance abuse or diet related.

An individual in this situation might have never had the motivation to change their life before this moment. But when they are confronted with this terrible information, it causes distress. That distress creates a desire to change and leave this state of distress in order to survive.

Indeed, emotional distress can transform how you conduct your life. Emotions guide what you choose to believe and how you choose to act.

When you realize that something you are doing is bad for you, you get upset, scared, and stressed. This emotional response will stick with you until you make a change in your life. Pain and discomfort are big motivators for change.

It might seem like a simple or crude way to motivate yourself. But when you can look at your life clearly and face uncomfortable truths about yourself, you are more likely to change.

Someone who lies to themselves and says everything is okay will never change. But if you can face unpleasant parts of your lifestyle that make you uncomfortable and uneasy, you will find the motivation to be different.

So look at how you are living. Ask yourself if you are happy and if this is how you want to live? If you feel like something isn’t right, dig into that emotion. This will open the doorway for motivation and change in your life.

2. You Can Be Motivated To Change When You Have Goals You Want To Reach

Finding the motivation to change does not always have to be a distressing experience. Sometimes, you find something you want in life, and this gives you the motivation to change.

Really, having goals throughout your life is an important factor in gaining the will to change and grow.

Goals are defined by change. You are at one point in your life, but you want to be somewhere else at a later date. In short, goals are a promise to yourself that you will make changes in life.

So really, they are the perfect fuel for motivation. When you have something you are passionate about or want to reach, naturally, you will have the motivation to adapt in order to meet your goals.

At some point, you will realize that you can’t get anything you want if you don’t make improvements to yourself and grow. Change is required for any profession or path you choose.

For instance, if you want to become a doctor, teacher, or other professional, you have to change yourself to meet the standards of that trade.

This could mean furthering your education to improve your knowledge or getting hands-on experience to get closer to your aims. Knowing that you have to take these steps will motivate you and bring you closer to succeeding in your goals.

3. When You Hit Rock Bottom You Often Become Motivated To Change

Life isn’t always kind. And sometimes, bad patches in your life create a large influx of motivation.

Hitting rock bottom is one way to get a clear look at your life and see where changes need to be made. When you face disaster and failure in your life, there is no hiding from your reality.

You have to come face to face with what needs to be adjusted. If you are at rock bottom, you will want to get out of this low and painful place. It is a terrible place to be in, but your desire to escape pain will help you find the motivation to move on and change your life.

Rock bottom is not something that most people choose. But if you find yourself at your lowest, this can be a chance to motivate yourself to grow.

You will feel uncomfortable and upset about how your life is. And if you feel enough distress at your situation you will have the will power to start to turn things around.

No one wants to keep suffering continuously, and in this situation, you have the perfect opportunity to enact change. It’s easier to motivate yourself to change when you have nowhere to go but up.

4. You Can Become Motivated To Change When You Are Tired Of Living The Same Routine

Motivation to change doesn’t just come from dire life circumstances though. Over time, you can lose your motivation to keep living a certain way. It’s natural for you to feel this way.

Individuals are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves and stimulate their minds. However, if you live a life without change you will get tired of your lifestyle.

This can seem like a bad place to be. But this state of boredom and idleness can lead to something more. If you get fed up with living through the same routine day in and day out, you can start to find the motivation to change.

During this time, the chance to find a whole new way of living might open up to you. Again, a lot of this has to do with emotions.

You might feel uncomfortable without anything exciting to do or challenges to overcome. However, this realization that you want something better from life could potentially spark a desire to change up how you are living.

5. When You Want To Find More Meaning And Happiness In Life You Become Motivated To Change

One of the biggest motivating factors in wanting to change comes from wanting a sense of purpose in life. Humans are built to want meaningful and happy lives.

You can’t help but want to live a life that has meaning to you and brings you joy. However, if you aren’t experiencing this, oftentimes your mind starts to dream of a happier life.

You might start thinking about ways to become happier. You might even want to switch jobs or get out of a bad relationship. It’s from these thoughts that motivation arises. When you want a life of significance and happiness, you start to takes steps to reach these aims.

Not everyone can change their life. But if you recognize that you aren’t happy or fulfilled, you want to hone in on these emotions. Getting in touch with your emotions and desires will hurt, but they lead you to change.

It is difficult to uncover these discontented parts of yourself. Nevertheless, if you can tap into what you actually want in life, then you will find the motivation to be happier. This will lead to a better quality of life for you in the near future.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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