Things To Do On Weeknights (15 Ways To Enjoy Your Evening)

Having fun with friends is a great way to spend your weeknights.

After you get home from work in the evening, it can be hard to wind down. Especially after a stressful day, it can often be hard to do something other than sit on the couch and watch TV. However, there are many things to do on weeknights that will add enjoyment to your evening after a long day at work.

These activities are meant to be enriching. Meaning they will provide some enjoyment to you instead of sitting around waiting for the next workday to start.

While everyone is busy in their own respective ways, many individuals have more time at their disposal than they think. If you can utilize the four to six hours each evening after work and before bed, weeknights can amount to more than just dreading the thought of returning to work tomorrow.

Instead, you can stop living for the weekend and begin enjoying a variety of different activities that you can take part in each evening after work.

Having a productive weeknight will help in other areas of your life such as your relationships, your skills, your health, and more. Don’t waste those precious hours you have each week.

Here are 15 things to do on weeknights that will provide more value to your evenings after a long day at work.

1. Go On A Walk

If you are feeling stressed or need to decompress, you can’t go wrong with a quick walk around your community.

Feeling the fresh air and getting your legs moving will certainly have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health. Walking can also often be meditative and help you put the day’s events into perspective.

Additionally, going on a walk will help get you out of your house or apartment and enjoy the neighborhood you live in. Sometimes holing yourself up in your home can make your evenings mundane and repetitive, getting outside will help to break things up.

2. Ask A Friend To Hang Out

When you get home from work on weeknights, there is a good chance that you will be tired and won’t feel like having company over.

However, if you can bring yourself to invite someone out to dinner or even into your home, you will feel better afterwards.

Ideas for fun activities to do could include watching a sporting event, a TV show, playing games, or just to chat. Good company can be extremely therapeutic and can help to brighten your mood.

Also, if you plan ahead, it’ll give you something to look forward to after work. This will also help to propel you through your workday.

3. Clean Or Organize Your Home

While it might not be high on your list after a day at work, cleaning your living space can be quite therapeutic. Furthermore, how great do you feel when you have just finished cleaning?

You look around your home and immediately feel more put together when your home is clean and organized.

Cleaning is also an active activity, meaning you aren’t glued to the couch. Additionally, when the weekend comes, you will have one less item on your to-do list and more likely to invite friends over to your clean home.

Try putting on some of your favorite music while you clean to help improve your motivation and willingness. You will finish your night feeling refreshed and organized.

The hardest part about cleaning is getting started, so make the effort to get off your couch and realize the benefits a clean home will provide.

4. Read A Book

This is a great nighttime activity, maybe an hour or so before bed.

Putting your phone away, turning off the TV, and picking up a book will help you in many ways.

Firstly, it will exercise your brain and allow you to either immerse yourself in a fictional world or learn something new through a nonfiction book. Secondly, it will help keep your nights free of blue light from screens which will help improve your sleep.

Reading a book before bed will enable you to learn something and give you a better quality of sleep to help you to feel better the next day.

5. Do Yoga Or Meditate

You will notice that many of the suggested evening activities require being active. That is because exercise, even if it’s light, can work wonders on your mind and help you destress.

The benefits of yoga are endless, but most importantly it will help you feel more centered, improve your physical well being, and at ease with your surroundings.

Meditation will help you to destress and be at ease with the problems you are dealing with. Furthermore, it will help you to gain an overall perspective on your goals.

Neither of these activities takes long. If you are able to dedicate only 15 to 20 minutes you will experience the many benefits of these two practices.

Try to do them on weeknights, right when you get home from work to get, the ball rolling and start your evening off in a productive way.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are two great things to have, especially if you can maintain them throughout the week.

6. Join A Class

Joining a class is a common suggestion, but one that might make you aware of some interests that you were previously missing out on.

There are several different classes you could join, such as a one relating to a passion of yours, like writing, art, or music. Or, it could be a class that gets you in shape, such as a workout or dance class.

It could even be a professional development class that will give you an upper hand at work.

If you are really committed to learning, consider going back to school on weeknights to pursue further education for either your personal interest or to enhance your career.

7. Start A Do It Yourself (DIY) Project

There are endless possibilities and ideas for do it yourself projects. They are great ways to fill your weeknights, learn a new skill, work with your hands, and fix up your home in the process.

Whether it’s making a new coffee table, completely renovating your kitchen, or doing small crafty activities, finishing any project like this will make you proud of yourself. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised at what you can pull off!

Working with your hands is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Take a look around your house to see what you can fix up with a DIY project to work on in your evenings. 

8. Write Or Journal

Journaling is a form of meditation, an activity that was suggested above. However, many people forget about journaling and how useful it can be.

Getting your ideas, problems, goals, hopes, and daily routine on paper can be an effective way to get things off your chest. It can also be refreshing to look back on your old journals later in life and see the progress you have made or to reminisce on some of your favorite days.

Journaling is one of the many things you to do on weeknights to help destress and reflect on your workday. For each day that you journal, also try to include something that you are grateful for. It will help to keep your perspective positive entering the next day.

If writing is an interest of yours, you can also start practicing it professionally by means of writing a book, short story, or blogging. You might even be surprised how this hobby could turn into some extra spending money.

9. Cook, Bake, Or Make Dinner

Whether you are making a fancy dinner, a quick snack, or your favorite dessert, cooking and baking are great things to do on weeknights.

Often, cooking your own meals is healthier and cheaper. So, you will be eating nutritious and saving some coin as opposed to going out or ordering food.

Furthermore, cooking might be a skill that you wish you were better at. By practicing on the weeknights, it will give you the boost of confidence you might need to prepare food for a large gathering or when you have company over.

10. Sit Outside And Enjoy Some Fresh Air

It was previously mentioned how walking outside can be a helpful way to center yourself, clear your mind, and feel good to get out of the house. However, sometimes you might be compelled just to sit.

Depending on where you live, walking can subject yourself to the hustle and bustle, having to avoid traffic and watch out for other pedestrians. Whereas sitting can help you to detach from that craziness.

By just sitting, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. You might even be inclined to watch other individuals go about their evening without getting caught up in the fast-paced environment.

If you have a balcony, deck, or patio, put it to use. You might not even have to leave your own property to enjoy this activity on your weeknights.

11. Play A Sport Or Outdoor Game 

Some examples of what might fit into this category are shooting hoops, playing a round of golf, or passing a frisbee with a friend.

While getting outside and enjoying the benefits of fresh air has been mentioned several times in this article, why not mix it in with your favorite sport? Playing a game or sport that you enjoy will make the outdoors that much more enjoyable.

Be on the lookout for adult leagues you can join in your community where you can play sports or pickup games with like-minded individuals.

If not, consider organizing your own. You can try to organize a work team, or even reconnect with old friends to schedule a game.

12. Check Out Local Events Happening Around You

Surprisingly, event planners don’t plan all of their events on weekends.

Your favorite band might be playing a show on a Tuesday night, or the local comedy club might have an open-mic night during the week. There are many things to do on weeknights that local event planners are always scheduling.

Find and learn about these events on local social media pages, newspapers, or coffee shop bulletin boards. Check out venue schedules to see if there’s any plays, concerts, or even old movie showcases happening in the near future. 

13. Don’t Forget Some Classic Fun Activities Like Bowling Or The Arcade

There are some activities that exist that you might have forgotten about. These include fun games like bowling, going to the arcade, laser tag, the driving range, playing cornhole, or mini putt.

The list goes on and on, and some of these fun activities have been incorporated into bars which can be a great place for a social gathering.

These are great activities to do when you don’t have much daylight after work such as in the wintertime.

14. Run Errands

Why not consider running some errands as one of the many things to do on weeknights instead of wasting half of your Saturday doing them.

Things like grocery shopping, getting that new pair of work pants you need, or filling up your gas tank, can all be completed one day after work.

Approach it with the mindset of getting your errands completed early and being proactive, making more time for full-day activities on the weekend. Getting errands done early will help you to feel less stressed, and help you recognize that you are being productive in your evenings after work.

15. Volunteer Some Of Your Time To Help Others

Helping others is the best way to feel better about yourself. Humanitarianism is perhaps the number one depression-killer out there.

Putting your problems aside to help someone else can allow you to realize that everyone is in this together. Furthermore, it helps you to put your problems into perspective when you can see what others are going through.

While volunteering, you will also be able to meet other great locals with a similar mindset to yourself.

There will always be plenty of opportunities to help those around you and those less fortunate, why not spend one evening a week doing so?

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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