The Importance Of Motivation (6 Reasons Why It Is Crucial)

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Motivation may play more a role in your life than you are aware of. When you set a goal and work to achieve it, there is a reason for the hard work and extra hours you put in. The reason is that you are motivated. You might be motivated at how achieving the goal will improve your life or your families, the opportunities it might bring, or the important role it plays in your longterm vision. Regardless of your reasons, staying motivated is important because it:

  • helps you believe you can do it
  • keeps you on track to achieve your goals
  • allows you to dream
  • helps you overcome failure
  • inspires others
  • determines your priorities

Below are the six reasons, explained in detail, about the importance of motivation, and why you should always strive to stay motivated as you navigate through life.

1. Motivation Helps You Believe You Can Do It

Motivation is a crucial factor in any journey towards achieving something of importance. When you are motivated, you believe you can do it. It can take a lot of inner strength to believe in yourself when others don’t. Especially when those doubting you are people whose opinions you value.

When others are expecting you to fail, it is only yourself that can prove them wrong. For many individuals, the doubts of other people can be one of the main motivating factors for them to achieve their goals.

You can either rise to the occasion and prove their uncertainties wrong or let their opinions dictate what you can and cannot do. 

When you believe in yourself, the thought of failure or giving up is not an option. In your mind, success is inevitable. It is just a matter of when it will arrive. You know the hard work will eventually pay off.

Many individuals lack the mental strength and persistence to keep working hard when they aren’t receiving immediate results. Without results, you might begin to doubt yourself.

Shortly after you stop believing in yourself and your ability, you lose motivation. When the motivation is gone, it is not soon after that you give up.

Motivation plays an important role in believing you can do it. With ‘it’ being whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Staying motivated enables you to continue working hard when you are yet to see results.

You should always seek out motivation in all aspects of your life as you work to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.

2. Motivation Keeps You On Track To Achieve Your Goals

The difference between achieving your goals and not achieving your goals is attitude.

When you have the right attitude, you are willing to put the required amount of work in until you achieve what you have set out to accomplish. You can generally relate your attitude to how motivated you are at accomplishing your goals.

Sources of motivation can come from a fast-approaching deadline, someone not believing in you, realizing how close you are to achieving a goal, and many other reasons.

Think about a productive day or week you have had recently. It was productive because you were motivated. While you may have been motivated for several different reasons, it was the motivation that initiated you to take action and increase your productivity.

Furthermore, did you notice you were less distracted when you were motivated?

When you are unmotivated, you are more easily distracted by objects and activities around you that constantly try to grab your attention. Examples could be colleagues who try to talk to you, notifications on your smartphone, social media, tv, etc.

You give distractions time and attention because you aren’t motivated about the task you are working on.

Alternatively, when your work motivates you, nothing seems to get in your way. You have a desire to finish the task as soon as possible so you can get started on the next item.

When you are motivated, you take action to pursue your goals and you are able to minimize the impact that distractions have on your productivity. 

3. Motivation Allows You To Dream

It is important to dream about what your life will look like when you achieve what it is that you have set out to accomplish.

Dreams are what push you to new heights in all aspects of your life. This includes personal, professional, financial, family, fitness, mental wellbeing, and spiritual.

Motivation is essential because it allows you to dream about how the finish line will look. It allows you to realize that the hard work you are putting in now, will at some point pay off.

Without motivation, you are unable to dream. Unable to envision how your life will be better after you accomplish your goals.

As a result, you give up on your goals and resort back to the life you were living before. A life where you continue to go through the motions, spinning your tires but going nowhere.

4. Motivation Helps You Overcome Failure

Motivation is important because it helps you overcome failure. There will inevitably be setbacks as you work hard to achieve something meaningful. That is just the way life is. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

Maybe your colleague received the promotion ahead of you, or you failed a class in college as you are working towards receiving your degree. As a result, you may look for a new job, or switch majors in college to avoid taking that class again.

Too many people give up after they encounter the first bump in the road. Instead of having the motivation to keep going, they resort back to their comfortable life that is risk-free.

Regardless of what the failure is in your journey, staying motivated on the end goal will help you overcome that setback.

When you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve, you are more driven to keep fighting for what is yours.

5. Motivation Helps Inspire Others

Motivation is important as it can inspire those around you to take similar measures to pursue their goals. This can be extremely important when working amongst a team.

The morale within a team can be quite infectious. Individuals in a team environment have a tendency to feed off of others.

When one member is unmotivated or lazy, it can pull the spirit of the whole team down. Alternatively, when one member is motivated, working hard to improve, and focused on the team’s goals, they emerge as a leader. Other members of the team begin to follow the direction of the leader.

The actions of one individual can be very inspirational to other members of the team, boosting morale, and motivating each other to reach for new heights.

While the example of a team was used above, that is not the only way that one individual’s motivation can provide inspiration to others.

Think of an individual you know who is hard-working and is constantly pushing to achieve new goals. Initially, you might be envious of that individual. However, there is a good chance that their motivation and work ethic has caused you to think about some changes you need to make in your life.

Other examples can include witnessing a motivational speaker and being inspired to take action to improve your life. Or seeing the strength and speed of the men and women at your local gym, which inspires you to push yourself harder.

The motivation of hard-working and successful people helps inspire other individuals to follow in their footsteps and reach for new heights.

6. Motivation Helps Determine Your Priorities

Motivation is important because it helps you to determine your priorities.

If there are certain tasks or activities that you never find time for, it is because you never prioritize time for them. For some reason or another, those activities are not more important than what you are filling your time up with.

When you are motivated about something, you initiate the action required to complete the task. You are eager to complete it. The task isn’t something on your calendar that you dread as it approaches.

You prioritize certain tasks above others because of their importance. The reason they are important is because they play a role in helping you achieve a larger goal or objective, improve your life or your families, or maybe they provide future opportunities for advancement.

Regardless of what that goal is, it motivates you and forces you to prioritize related items ahead of other tasks.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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