7 Reasons To Quit Your Job (What To Consider Before Quitting)

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Thinking about quitting your job? Well, you are not alone on this one. At some point or another, the thought has crossed everyone’s mind on whether or not they should quit their job. Maybe you had a day from hell, and you have reached your tipping point. Or, you might work long hours and struggle to maintain a balanced lifestyle. There are many great reasons that should make you consider quitting your job, however, before you do, make sure you have thought through the whole process.

Sometimes your emotions might be overruling your ability to think logically and prevent you from making rational decisions.

By no means should you stay in a job if it isn’t making you happy or fulfilled or several other reasons. But too many people quit their job to escape a situation, instead of dealing with that situation.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Or at least it always appears to be that way.

7 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Below we review 7 reasons to quit your job and provide some thoughts to consider before quitting. Are you quitting your job for the right reasons?

1. You Found A New Job

Probably the most popular reason you might quit your job is simple; you found another one. You may have been actively looking for a new job, or an opportunity from friends or previous colleagues might have presented itself.

Finding a new job can be an exciting time and a great opportunity to set new goals and reach for new heights.

A new job could be the start of a completely new career path or it might result in you staying in the same industry but with new challenges and different levels of responsibilities.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

Give thought to why it is that you are seeking out a new job and want to quit your current one. Often people have a situation they want to get out of, and instead of facing the problem head-on and dealing with it, they quit and move onto a new job.

There are definitely times when quitting is necessary, but sometimes, it is better to face the problem you are having in your current position instead of moving on to a new company.

Quitting your job and starting a new one typically means you lose some seniority. You will have new bosses to impress and new co-workers to meet and learn to work with.

If you are moving jobs for a few more dollars a week or because you can’t stand your co-worker, is it really worth it leave behind all that you have worked hard to achieve?

Instead, consider talking to your boss about all the positive contributions you have made, above and beyond your job description, and why it is that you feel you deserve a raise. Or have a conversation with the co-worker that you struggle to get along with. Make an effort to create a better working relationship for both of you.

2. You Aren’t Feeling Fulfilled In Your Job

You spend a considerable amount of time each day at work. Other than maybe sleeping, your job is where you probably spend the largest amount of time each day on one specific task.

Furthermore, it is quite possible that your whole life is built around your work or career. As a result, you turn to your job to find self-worth and fulfillment.

For many people, their career is how they measure their accomplishments, track their progress, and recognize that they are doing some form of good for the world.

When you aren’t feeling fulfilled in your job, because it is such an important aspect of your life, you begin to feel like you aren’t contributing, or even worse, you begin to feel worthless.

As a result, you might feel like the best solution is to quit and look for a new job to help you find self-fulfillment again.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

Everything you work to do in life should bring you fulfillment in one way or another. Before you quit, give thought to what it is in your current position that isn’t giving you the fulfillment that you deserve and require.

Maybe you have had a few tough months and are struggling to meet your targets. Maybe you have a boss that talks down to you, and you cannot deal with it anymore. Or maybe you have been in the same position for too long and are no longer challenged by the work that you complete.

Regardless of the reasons that you are feeling unfulfilled when it comes to your job, recognize what the reason is and then have a conversation with your direct supervisor.

It can be a tough conversation when your lack of fulfillment is directly related to your supervisor, but regardless, you should still have that conversation.

Approach the conversation with respect, but be sure to tell them how you feel, why you feel that way, and provide your suggestions about how you can get back to feeling fulfilled. Listen to what they have to say with open ears and respect.

For sure, sometimes the best way forward is to move on to another job. However, before giving up everything you have worked to build and achieve, have that conversation with your supervisor.

There might be other opportunities within the same company that you aren’t aware of but could still provide you with the new challenge that you are looking for.

3. No Balance In Your Life (Over Worked)

Another common reason you might quit your job is that you feel overworked, tired, and are struggling to find balance in your life.

All work and no play is not a sustainable lifestyle. With that being said, all play and no work is also not a sustainable lifestyle.

The key is to find a balance between your work and your life outside of work. Furthermore, you should strive to find a balance in all aspects of your life.

Too much of anything is never a good thing. At some point, you will begin to get bored, burnt out, and tired of the repetition. When you can balance work and your life outside of it, you are enabling yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.

Prioritizing your time so you can step back from work and have the opportunity to exercise, laugh with friends, spend time pursuing hobbies or relationships is important. It allows you to look forward to aspects of your life outside of work.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

As hard as your boss might be, have a conversation with them about the lack of balance in your life before you hand in your resignation letter.

If you have a boss that is worth working for, they too should recognize the importance of balance in one’s life. Similar to you, they will also have families they want to spend time with and hobbies they want to pursue.

Be honest about how you are feeling overworked and that you are struggling to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Before quitting, first, allow your boss to show they care about your work-life balance and see if they take any steps to reduce your workload.

4. Health And Wellness Reasons

You might be looking to quit your job due to an existing health concern, or maybe a new health development is hindering your performance at work.

Your health and wellness should always take precedence over your career objectives and development. Without your health, you have nothing.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

Before quitting, make sure you have exhausted all possible options with your current employer. You might have access to counseling, medical care, or rehabilitation programs offered through your work benefits.

Furthermore, you might be eligible for a different position in the company or be able to modify your current duties so your health condition is not impacted.

5. You Are Going Back To School

Furthering your education can be a great reason to quit your job. It could enable you to take on a completely different career path than the one you are currently on.

Or alternatively, it could enable you to have a better chance of taking on more responsibility or climbing the ladder to upper management and executive positions.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

Before quitting, make sure what you are going back to school for will benefit you in the long run, or that it is an area that greatly interests you.

Some individuals might not enjoy their job, so they choose to go back to college or university to further their education. They do this as a way of getting out of the job and situation that they aren’t enjoying.

However, if you are thinking of quitting your job and going back to school, be sure it is for the right reasons and that there is an end goal you are working to achieve.

While going back to school might be a short term solution to escape the job you are currently in, you don’t want to end up in a similar position again after completing the additional schooling.

Give thought to why you are going back to school and how it will benefit you further in your career. If going back to school doesn’t take you any closer to achieving your long-term goals, maybe additional schooling isn’t the right decision.

6. You Are Moving

Moving can be another good reason to quit your job.

You might need to relocate to another part of the country, or even abroad, for personal reasons. These reasons could include your spouse accepting a job offer in a new location, moving to be closer to family, or strictly moving to a new location because of culture, climate, or lifestyle it brings.

Alternatively, it might be your company that is asking you to relocate, and you aren’t thrilled about it. As a result, you are thinking of quitting and looking for a new job in the same city you currently live in.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

If you are moving due to personal reasons, first have a conversation with your employer to see if moving doesn’t automatically mean you have to quit your job.

If you have a good rapport with your boss and they know the value you bring to the team, there is often a good chance that they will be willing to let you work remotely, or at least give it a try. With the technology available these days, more and more people can work remote.

If it is your company that is asking you to move in order to keep your job, give it some thought before immediately dismissing the possibility and quitting instead.

A new location might mean a different lifestyle for you and your family, new hobbies, different food and culture, maybe even a new language.

It could be just the change that you require to spice up your life and switch up your current routine.

7. You Want To Start Your Own Company 

You might have a deep desire inside of you to start your own company. The urge to start your own company can come from several different reasons.

You might have a great idea for a new invention and want to develop it into a business.

Maybe you have honed your craft for several years and now feel ready to consult others in the same field who are yet to reach your level of expertise. Alternatively, you might no longer want a boss watching over your every move or restricting your vacation time to a handful of weeks a year.

Regardless of your reason to quit your job and start your own company, it can be a very exciting and rewarding adventure.

This is one of the big life decisions that you do not want to look back at a later stage in your life and wonder, ‘what if?’ or have regrets about not taking the chance.

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you and are willing to work hard and be patient, why not give it a go? There will always be jobs to apply for if starting your own company does not work out as planned.

Thoughts To Consider Before You Quit Your Job

As previously mentioned, quitting your job to start your own company can be an exhilarating and rewarding adventure. With that said, the success or failure of that company is now a direct result of the effort, patience, and sacrifice that you have or are willing to give.

Starting your own company is tough, there is no question about it. It takes time to set up a new business, to gain traction, to have clients trust you enough to give you their hard-earned money, and to deal with the headaches that arise from running your own business.

While you might think you will be able to provide a better product than what is currently on the market, it takes time to establish yourself when you are just starting.

You will never know how great you can become without taking a chance and putting yourself out there with your own business. But, be sure to think through the logistics of starting your own business and have the ability to act accordingly when things don’t go to plan.

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