How Are Motivation And Productivity Linked? (A Complete Guide)

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Motivation seems to be like a slippery fish. Once it gets caught, it ends up deceiving you and inadvertently slipping between your fingers. Most people seem to comprehend what motivation is on the surface. However, not everyone is capable of effectively using that motivation in order to yield productivity. So, how are motivation and productivity linked?

Your motivation consciously guides your actions and decision-making ability to increase your productivity. When you are motivated, you are more focused to achieve your goals in a timely manner. Thus, more productive. Some motivation techniques to help increase your productivity include developing a mantra that works for you, committing to your goals publicly, and finding inspiration from others.

This article provides a complete guide on how motivation and productivity are linked, how motivation increases productivity, the impact of motivation, and some motivation techniques you can implement to improve your productivity. Keep reading the following sections to learn more.

How Are Motivation And Productivity Linked?

In order to be able to capitalize on your motivation and direct it towards achieving your goals, you first must understand how motivation and productivity are linked.

Motivation does not happen in a silo, but rather, it directly influences the productivity output that you can achieve. Like with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

This is absolutely true of motivation and productivity.

The more you put into anything in life, the more you will get out of it.

Imagine for a second that motivation and productivity are not interrelated whatsoever. If this was the case, then the reasons that guide much of your conscious actions and decision-making would be absolutely inconsequential.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t be able to recall why you decided to run that marathon, why you have been steadily putting money into your savings account, and why you so diligently complete your Spanish language lessons every evening.

Motivation is the why behind your work ethic. It is the thesis that dictates which direction your life will go and how productive or accomplished you will become.

How Does Motivation Increase Productivity?

Motivation increases productivity by helping you navigate towards your end goal. In other words, motivation is the road map for how to get somewhere, while productivity is the vehicle that is required in order to reach the destination.

One does not exist without the other. For you to be highly effective, you need both motivation and productivity on your side.

For instance, imagine that you really hope to lose some weight before the end of summer. You are motivated by a friend who recently had a similar goal and successfully accomplished it.

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand. The more motivated you are to achieve a goal or ambition, the more productive you will be with your time. The less likely you will become distracted. It will also result you in producing a better final product.

In this case, your friend’s weight loss is your motivation. As you continually interact with your friend, you can see their happiness after having lost that weight.

This is enough to drive your productivity. As your motivation is so high, you begin a grueling gym schedule and a healthy diet. Although it is very hard to keep on the straight and narrow at times, you think of your friend’s weight loss as a motivator to keep you on the right track for being productive towards your goal.

What Is The Impact Of Motivation?

Motivation is present in every single person, but just like a muscle, everyone uses it differently. Some individuals have ample amounts of motivation, which drives them to be highly productive. On the other hand, some people have a hard time staying motivated.

A great example of this is when you set your alarm for 6 am in order to go to the gym. In order to ensure that you are highly efficient in the early morning, you pre-packed your gym clothes, towel, water bottle, and various accessories the night before.

When the next morning rolls around, and that alarm clock goes off, you inadvertently roll over to the side and go right back to sleep. Despite your best efforts in preparing in advance, you simply lacked the motivation to get up. This led to a decrease in your productivity in terms of your physical fitness.

As you can see, an individuals lack of motivation limits their productivity.

When you lack motivation, you will struggle to be productive. Instead, you will find excuses and distractions to prevent you from focusing on what you should be accomplishing.

Conversely, there are some people who are highly productive but lack the motivation to progress their life. They stick to their routine like clockwork and never question why they are doing what they are doing.

These types of individuals are often unhappy and are quick to complain. However, they never take action on their life choices that make them unhappy. Rather than have the motivation to better their lives, they resort to complaining and blaming others for their misfortunes.

Motivation Techniques To Help You Increase Your Productivity

In order to succeed, it is essential that you get the hang of how to harness your motivation so that it translates to productivity over the long term. The following three techniques will help get you started on how to harness your motivation effectively.

1. Develop A Mantra That Works For You To Ensure Your Motivation Increase Your Productivity

The idea that mantras are only for yogis is completely false. Mantras can be used as an effective tool in order to remind you of your motivation and to ensure that your productivity levels are on par.

For instance, if your goal is to run 10 miles by the end of summer, a potential motivating mantra could be: you’re almost there!

In the beginning, you will likely have to test drive a few mantras before you find one that truly sticks. After you find the one that works best, repeat it to yourself either in your head or even out loud as you are completing that activity.

If you are on a run, keep repeating your mantra over and over again, particularly when you find yourself struggling.

Despite the proven benefits of mantras, some individuals claim that they can be very distracting, or that they often forget to keep repeating them. Have no fear. There are other ways to incorporate the benefits of a mantra to help boost your productivity.

Rather than opting to repeat an encouraging word or phrase, you can also consider carrying a token of your success with you. For instance, if you were running a marathon, perhaps carting a large trophy with you is not feasible.

However, maybe you can be listening to a song while you run that you find motivating, or you can wear a shirt from the clothing line of an athlete that inspires you. These items that provide sentimental value will act as a mantra, urging you to keep going until you reach your goal.

2. Be Inspired By Someone Else Who Utilizes Their Motivation To Improve Productivity

In order to effectively translate motivation into productivity, you need to seek out a mentor. A mentor is someone who inspires you and who typically possesses some form of expertise in the area that you are interested in.

For instance, if you want to run 10 miles in a few months, it may be helpful to speak to a previous coach that really motivated you and encouraged you to push harder.

Advice from someone who cares about you and who understands what you are trying to achieve is a major asset to help ensure your success. Likewise, seeking out a mentor who has previously been in a position similar to yours is a great opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

As you pursue any goal, seeking out a positive mentor can be one of your best decisions. Learn from their experiences. Allow their wisdom to guide you.

Instead of wasting your own time heading down a failing path because you don’t know any better, you can learn from your mentor’s previous experiences. This simple but effective strategy can prevent you from becoming discouraged and instead, help turn your motivation into productivity you can recognize.

3. Commit To Your Productive Routine Publicly

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Commit To Your Goals Publicly – Share Them With A Friend

There is nothing that ensures that you commit to your motivation more so than a public announcement. However, by public announcement, it doesn’t mean that you need to get on the loudspeaker at the shopping mall. Instead, share your motivation with a few close people.

By disclosing what motivates you to others, you end up binding them in a contract of sorts. They are responsible for ensuring that you follow through and be productive in order to reach your goal.

This does not mean that they will come over with a checklist prepared, ready to grill you on your productivity. Instead, this may mean that your loved ones may casually ask about your progress.

These types of conversations will keep you accountable for your goals, and ensure that you remain motivated and productive. So next time you are at a dinner party or a barbeque, be sure to talk about your goals with those that you are close with.

Knowing that your close friends will occasionally check-in on the progress of your goals will help you stay focused when you aren’t feeling motivated.

In order to make motivation and productivity work for you, it is important that you remember the way in which they interact together. Motivation is the precursor to your productivity. It gets you thinking about what you want and when you want it by. On the other hand, productivity ensures that you get there.

Next time you are working towards a goal, consider how productivity and motivation are linked. Be sure you are focusing on both of these important skills to ensure you are achieving what you have set out to accomplish.

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