Home Office Organization Ideas (8 Tips To Organize Your Office)

Home Office Organization Tips

Sometimes, it can be hard to get into the right frame of mind when you aren’t working in a traditional office environment. You want to work as efficiently as possible, especially if you are working from your own home. Home office spaces provide you a place without hindrances or distractions. However, this is only made possible if you can improve and maintain your home office organization.

Set the right mood for your workday by keeping your office clean and in order. When your workspace is kept tidy and neat, you will be less stressed, and your work will be more organized. You won’t have to search for office supplies or files. You will know where everything is.

In short, you want a structured environment to get the best results out of your home office! In this article, we’ll get into some of the best home office organization ideas to help keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Here are eight home office organization ideas:

1. Get Rid Of Clutter On A Weekly Basis

It’s not hard for an office space to become cluttered, especially if your office is small.

Papers, trash, and other knickknacks can easily fill up your home office and reduce the organization. Do your best to keep your space clear of junk and unneeded items.

Take the time to look at what you have in your office space. Then ask yourself what is necessary and what can be thrown out?

A good place to start this process is with trash. You should throw any junk out. This includes food wrappers, tissues, and trash from office supplies.

All of this can be taken out of your office and put in a garbage bag or recycled. Other unnecessary items can also be brought out of your office area.

Additionally, look through any of your files or papers that are lying around. If you don’t need them either throw them out, or put them in storage.

Regularly look around your office and see what can be removed.

If you let the clutter build-up, the thought of cleaning it can become a daunting task that you will procrastinate and avoid at all costs.

However, if you are proactive about removing clutter, it will only take a short amount of time each week to remove unnecessary items.

This way your work area is free of clutter and looks organized at all times.

2. Get Storage Containers (Trays For Desk Draws, Baskets For Larger Items)

Once your office is free of clutter, it is time to get organized. Storage containers are a great way to stock office supplies and other items you need for work.

With these containers, you will know where everything in your office is, as well as prevent your office from becoming a cluttered mess.

There are several different kinds of storage products that you can buy. Some of the main and most helpful storage containers are discussed below.

The first item is storage trays for your desk. You can put these in your desk drawers and they will help divide up desk space and keep your desk neater.

Desk drawers get messy easily. You might aimlessly throw pencils, erasers, and other items in a desk drawer without thinking as it is an easy way to clean up a mess from the surface of your desk.

However, a cluttered desk can be distracting when you are trying to work. Storage trays are one way to combat this issue and keep your desk looking organized.

Another one of the home office organization tips is to purchase some baskets and bins for larger items that don’t fit in your desk. Important files and bigger supplies can be put here.

You can place these under your desk or in other convenient locations. Generally, a shelf or bookcase can hold these bins while some storage containers can even be hung on your wall.

Overall, these products can save you a lot of space and make your office look modern and sleek.

3. Categorize Your Containers And Use A Label maker

It’s good to have containers that keep your office supplies, paper and folders organized.

However, you don’t want to dump everything into a single box or a few containers. Furthermore, you also don’t want to dump things into boxes without thought.

Instead, keep track of the items that you place in each container. When you are looking to use a specific item again, you will want to know exactly which container it is in without spending much time searching.

One way to do this is by creating categories for your storage products.

A label maker is a great way to categorize your containers so you know what is in them. Come up with appropriate categories to start organizing.

For instance, you might label a box as extra office supplies. Another box could be labeled as finance. You can put checkbooks, calculators, bills, and other related items in your labeled container.

You can even put labels on your desk drawers. This way you know exactly which drawer holds which items.

You might want to make one drawer dedicated to your mail. Another drawer could be dedicated to your files or paperwork. Another could be made for your office tools.

With storage trays and labels, everything in your office will be in a designated and ordered place.

4. Create A Filing System To Keep Documents Organized

With technology, paper is becoming less and less necessary. Still, it’s good to have hard copies of important files.

If you plan on having a filing drawer, make sure it is organized. You want to know where everything is. And you definitely don’t want to lose any important personal or business-related papers.

One of the easiest ways to improve your home office organization is to arrange your files is with color coding and labeling. Colored hanging files are preferred, you can easily access them and put them in any drawer.

When you color-code files, it’s best to use a limited amount of colors. Five colors is a good number. Break down your colored files into five categories, so you aren’t overwhelmed with the number of different options when it comes to filing your papers.

Each category should correspond to a color.

For instance, anything related to bills or taxes might be in a blue folder. Red folders could relate to files from a specific project. Orange folders could be for personal files.

This is entirely up to you and what makes the most senes to organize the type of files that you have.

For extra organization, label each colored file so you know exactly which papers are in a given folder.

5. Make Binders For Important Papers And Documents

Binders Are Useful For Important Documents
Binders Are Useful For Important Documents

Home offices are a great place to store work-related and non-work related documents. If you plan on putting medical documents, insurance documents, and other important documents in your office space, try putting together a binder.

This way, if you have an emergency you can find everything you need easily and without stress.

Even if you don’t have an emergency, binders can be great for personal records storage. You might not want to mix up some documents into your filing system.

Binders can be a great option even if you are just using this for office documents to increase your organization at home. A filing system is great, but it can get full fast.

Any documents that are not currently needed, or can be put away for storage, can go into a binder. This could further streamline your office space and create extra room.

Alternatively, if you don’t want a filing system and would prefer using binders, this can work as well. You can also color code and label binders to easily organize your work.

6. Get A Shelf To Reduce The Number Of Items On Your Desk

Shelves Remove Clutter From Your Desk
Shelves Remove Clutter From Your Desk

Shelves are the perfect way to create some extra space in your office. If you want to free up your desk area and have rapid access to storage containers, use a shelf.

Some home offices already have shelf space. If you don’t have one you can buy one or install one yourself.

Shelves are a great addition to any home office.

Not only can you put some of your favorite motivational books on a shelf, but you can also put storage containers, organizational binders, and other items there.

It all depends on the size of your shelf. A bigger shelf is great for bins and baskets. You can label your containers and get to them easily.

A shelf of any size is also a good place for binders and files. If you have file boxes or use binders they can be placed on your shelf too.

With all of your office essentials out the way and on a shelf, your office is one step closer to being organized to perfection.

7. Create A Printing Station

This won’t necessarily apply to all home offices, but if you use a printer for your business, think about creating a printing station.

Printers are bulky, and the supplies used for them take up a lot of room. Why not create a designated area for your printer to increase your home office organization?

You might put your printer on your desk, but this typically only works well if you have a large desk space. However, if you don’t have a lot of room, this can create a cluttered and unorganized look.

A printing station is the perfect solution. Try getting a small desk or table for this, preferably something with shelves or drawers.

This way you can store all your printing paper and ink cartridges. If you don’t want to do this, printers can also be placed in a cabinet or other space.

The main point here is to give your printer its own area sperate from where you work. A clear workspace will do wonders for increasing your efficiency and productivity.

8. Use Your Wall Space

A lot of people with home office spaces don’t realize the potential of wall space. You can do a lot to enhance your home office organization by utilizing your walls.

You can even get containers and organizers that can be hung up for your filing system. Look into creative ways to use your wall. Not everything has to be put on your desk.

Calendars can be hung up. Whiteboards can be used to hang notes and write down ideas and reminders. Shelves can even be put above your desk.

Not only can you put decorations up, but you can reach files and supplies much faster. The possibilities are endless. 

If you want to get organized, make sure every part of your office space is properly utilized.

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