Helpful Tips When You Want To Give Up (Do These 8 Things)

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There will always be times throughout your life when you want to give up. It might be regarding a goal you are pursuing, a relationship you are struggling with or a job that you have had enough of.

However, before you give up, it is important to recognize what you are giving up and understand the related benefits or consequences. When you want to give up pursuing a goal or ambition you are working towards, first, do these eight things. It will help you clearly decide if giving up is the right course of action:

  • recognize why you want to give up
  • realize how far behind you will be if you do give up
  • reassess at a later date, everyone has off days
  • picture your end goal
  • let others know you are struggling
  • remember why you started pursuing what you are thinking about giving up
  • recognize al the progress you have made towards
  • remain patient during these tough times

In this article, we discuss, in more depth, this list of eight things you should do when you want to give up. Keep reading to be sure you are making the decision when you wan to give up.

1. Recognize Why You Want To Give Up

Take the time to understand why it is that you want to give up. Depending on what it is that you want to give up, it might be that you are impatient, tired, bored, frustrated, lost, lacking confidence, or several other things.

When you can focus on the actual reason that is causing you to feel like you want to give up, instead of giving up, you can work to solve that reason.

When You Are Working Towards A Goal

If you are a chasing a goal or a dream, in most instances, you want to give up because you believe the effort you have put in should amount to you reaching your end goal.

You might feel like you have given it your all, but you are yet to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. In times like these, take a step back so you can better understand why you haven’t yet reached your end goal.

Look at others who have accomplished similar goals that you are currently battling to achieve.

How long did it take them? Are your timelines realistic? Have you put in the same amount of effort or more than them?

When You Are Bored Or Frustrated

If you are bored or frustrated with your current situation, take the time to really understand exactly what is causing you to want to give up.

If it is in regards to quitting your job, don’t just quit, think about what aspect of it is boring or frustrating you.

Have a conversation with your boss. Together, come up with a solution so you can be more challenged at work and less frustrated with a particular aspect of your job that is causing your trouble.

When You Lack Confidence

If you feel like giving up because you lack confidence, determine the skills or experience you should acquire so you are better prepared.

It might mean investing in more education or a professional development course. Or maybe working as a volunteer to gain valuable experience in an area that you require more skills.

2. Realize How Far Behind You Will Be If You Do Give Up

Giving up is always an easier option when times get tough. Many individuals get caught up in convincing themselves of the benefits of why they should give up.

However, they fail to realize how much they will lose or how far behind the decision to give up might be putting them. As a result of being blinded by the negatives they are currently facing, they fail to realize what is being left behind.

If you give up, it means starting over at something else. Success could be just right around the corner. Consider what you are losing if you give up.

If you are currently in a position where you want to give up, quitting will definitely appear to be the easier option right now.

Whether it is your job, relationship, fitness plan, pursuing a goal or finishing your college degree, quitting will rid you of the current problems you are facing.

Giving up one of these aspects of your life will instantly solve your problems of impatience, boredom, frustration, feeling lost, or lacking confidence. But first, be sure also to realize what you are giving up and how it will impact your life.

Sometimes you need to give up, take a step back and continue down another path. However, if what you are giving up is not going to benefit you in the longterm, take some time to think if it is the best option for you moving forward.

3. Reassess At A Later Date (We All Have Off Days)

If you want to give up, write down your reasons why and reassess your decision at a later date (at least a week or two later). Everyone has off days or weeks, and you are no different.

It might be that you are currently highly frustrated, emotional and stressed out. As a result, your judgment and decision-making ability might be clouded from the truth.

In times of high emotion and frustration, you might make a decision that you will later regret when you have calmed down and are thinking straight.

Before giving up, be sure you are considering all your options when you are feeling calm and level headed. We all have off days. Don’t make an important decision when your emotions are running high.

Thus, revisit why you want to give up at a later date. If your feelings are still the same after you have calmed down, maybe quitting is a decision that you should pursue.

However, be sure to make important life decisions when you are emotionally stable and have analyzed all resulting benefits and consequences.

You might be giving up a once and a lifetime opportunity and you wouldn’t want to do that without giving your decision some real thought.

4. Picture Your End Goal

Often as you get caught up in the weeds of your day-to-day life, you forget why you are working as hard as you are, and what your end goal looks like.

Take some time to picture your end goal and think about what you will achieve by accomplishing it and what you will lose if you give up.

By taking a step back and remembering what you are trying to accomplish, it might give you the motivation boost you need to persevere through the tough times you are currently facing.

If you are thinking of giving up, it means you will not achieve your end goal that you are working hard to accomplish. Picture your end goal and consider if you still long to achieve it?

Don’t lose sight of your end goal. You are working hard for a reason, don’t forget it.

5. Let Others Know You Are Struggling

When you want to give up, let those who are closest to you know. While it may seem like only you are aware of the feelings you are experiencing, everyone is fighting their own battles.

he scenario might not be exactly the same as yours, but those around you have definitely experienced feelings of wanting to give up before.

For starters, you will begin to feel better when you can discuss your feelings instead of fighting with them internally. Furthermore, if you can share, with someone you trust, the reasons why you want to give up, it will help you talk through your thought process.

Let Others Know You Are Struggling
Let Others Know You Are Struggling

Secondly, as previously mentioned, everyone is fighting or has overcome their own battles. By letting others know that you want to give something up, they will be able to offer you advice based on their own experiences.

Sometimes you might be looking for reassurance on a decision you are thinking about making, other times you may be looking for someone to talk you out of giving up.

Regardless, getting someone else’s opinion on the matter can help put your own feelings into perspective.

6. Remember Why You Started

When you want to give up, first remember why you started.

Think about your attitude when you first started, how motivated and determined you were, how much effort you put in, and how eager you were to accomplish your goals.

Regardless what the situation is that you want to give up, it is easy to forget how you felt when you first started the journey. In this moment, you have a different opinion than when you started.

However, thinking back to how you felt when you first started can be helpful for a few different reasons.

Why did you start the journey you are on? Throughout the daily grind, it is easy to forget why you are doing what you are doing. What initially inspired you to pursue the goal you are? Remembering these feeling often helps inspire you to continue on.

Firstly, it can help reignite that passion and eagerness you had when you started. Secondly, it can help you focus on your end goal or what you are trying to accomplish. Thirdly, it can help you recognize how far you have come and all of your accomplishments along the way.

7. Recognize Small Accomplishments Along The Way To Achieving Your End Goal

If you are pursuing a long-term goal, you may want to give up because you think you are not advancing or making progress. While you might not yet have achieved your end goal, you should recognize the small accomplishments throughout your journey.

If your success or happiness is solely determined by you accomplishing your end-goal, you will always feel like you have made little progress. This makes sense because you are still working towards that goal.

Instead, think back to where you first started, how far you have come and what achievements you have made so far.

For instance, if you want to give up going to college and are thinking about dropping out, think about all the effort you have already put into achieving your goal.

Recognize all the exams you have passed, the classes that you have already finished, and the years you have completed. While you may still have a good amount of time left to finish your degree, you have already accomplished a lot.

Giving up now would be a step in the wrong direction. Have the patience and determination to see your degree through.

8. Remain Patient During Tough Times

Life is a roller coaster. There will be periods throughout your life when you feel like you are in your stride, and everything is going to plan. However, there will also be unexpected twists and turns, and you might begin to wonder if you will ever catch a break.

In life, you should go after what is yours and what you deserve. But you should also approach all situations with patience and realize that everything takes time.

Celebrate the good experiences, but don’t be too hard on yourself during the bad moments.

Everyone experiences bumps on their journey towards success. Remain patient, your time will come.

With enough time, all situations will change for the better or, the worse. So when you feel like you want to give up, remember to stay patient and keep focused on progressing one day at a time.

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

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