Benefits Of Audiobooks (8 Reasons To Listen To Audiobooks)

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It’s difficult to replace the experience of reading a physical book. But you can’t deny that modern technology is making it easier and even more entertaining to read digitally. E-books are popular of course, but its audiobooks that have seen the biggest rise in consumer sales. More and more people are listening to their books than ever before. And this makes sense because there are many benefits of audiobooks.

Not everyone has the time to sit down and read a book. Popping in your earbuds on a commute to work, or listening to a book while you work out or do chores can save you a lot of time.

Still, even with these conveniences, you might wonder whether audiobooks offer the same benefits as physical book reading. Really, audiobooks have many of the same benefits as books and even have some advantages over regular print media.

Below we discuss the 8 different benefits of audiobooks, so keep reading to learn more.

1. You Can Listen To Audiobooks Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of audiobooks is its portability. Traditional books are beautiful to look at and nice to leaf through, but they can be a hassle to carry around. Especially if you are reading more than one book at a time.

It is possible to bring a physical book with you and try to squeeze in some reading on your lunch break or downtime, but this isn’t always convenient.

Audiobooks, on the other hand, can truly be listened to anywhere. You don’t have to lug them around. Instead, they can be downloaded and heard on any phone or smart device.

Nowadays, individuals always have technology on them. So when you go out of your house, for whatever reason, you can access your entire library of digital books on the go. 

At any time, and at any place, you can get back into an audiobook. Whether you are on vacation, going to work, going to exercise, or doing other mundane activities. In short, audiobooks allow you the convenience to access your entire library while on the go.

2. Audiobooks Help With Time Management

Not only can audiobooks be read anywhere, but they can also save you a lot of time. Modern life is busy and hectic.

Like many other people, you probably have a lot going on with your work life and home life. This can make it difficult to make time for a good book. Reading physical books is the preferred choice of many lifelong readers, but you can’t deny the time-saving possibilities of audiobooks.

Really, you can manage your time more efficiently when you listen to your books. This is because audiobooks are easy to access.

Again, at any point in the day, and any location, you can read with a tap of a button. You can also get other responsibilities completed as you listen to your book.

It’s not always easy to just open a book and start reading. But with an audiobook, you can read anywhere while still continuing to get the most out of your day.

For instance, many people are starting to use their commute time to catch up on reading. You don’t have to waste time while in your car or sitting on public transportation.

Instead, you can optimize your schedule by listening to a book. Furthermore, audiobooks are perfect for multitasking and time-saving. You can consume them as you run, cook, and do work around the house.

3. Audiobooks Improve Listening Skills And Vocabulary 

In addition to being convenient, audiobooks have many other helpful benefits. Particularly, they can improve your listening skills and vocabulary.

Your brain is primed for the spoken language. In fact, individuals have passed down stories through word of mouth for a much longer time than using the written word.

This isn’t to say that the written word is less valuable, but the spoken word does have its own advantages, and these are highlighted well in audiobooks.

When you listen to words being spoken, you can get a better grasp of the meaning of words. Because of this, you can more easily learn new vocabulary when you listen to it.

The intonation and speech patterns in audiobooks are easier to decipher for your brain. 

Think about Shakespeare, for example. Many people who read his plays have a difficult time understanding the text. However, when they listen to it aloud, many say they can understand what he is writing about with more ease.

It’s because of all the clues spoken language gives you. And as you listen to more audiobooks, you train your brain to look for deeper meanings, especially when you listen to people talk. Listening to audiobooks, as you can imagine, improves your listening skills as a result.

4. Promotes Learning And Increases Your Knowledge

It goes without saying, but reading expands your existing knowledge. Books bring you to new places, introduces you to new ideas, and teaches you new life lessons.

With audiobooks, these effects can potentially be increased. Audiobooks have the ability to reach all kinds of readers. This ties in with the accessibility benefits of audiobooks.

Since audiobooks can be used in any setting, and since it saves people time, more people are inclined to start using books. Because of the easy access to many great learning materials and books, you and the people around you can learn on the go. 

Learning isn’t an easy process. And accruing new knowledge isn’t simple for modern readers. It can take time and dedication to become well informed when you are busy.

However, audiobooks make this much easier and actually promotes learning in a fun and exciting way. You shouldn’t give up on printed books, but there’s no harm in learning new things in a convenient medium like audiobooks.

5. Makes Books More Entertaining And Accessible

For some people, reading can be a chore. This isn’t to say that books are boring, but not everyone has the attention span to sit down and read books for hours on end.

Some people need something more to get them into reading. And audiobooks deliver on this. Often, audiobooks can include music, voice acting, and emotional intonations which make a book more exciting and engaging.

In addition to this, audiobooks can be a great alternative medium for people with reading disabilities or struggles.

For instance, audiobooks can be a great source for individuals with dyslexia. Studies have found that dyslexic readers can actually retain stories better when they are heard. People with visual impairments can also benefit from audiobooks, as they can listen to a book rather than struggle to read the text.

In short, one of the benefits of audiobooks is that they are a great way to bring books to a wider audience. It brings learning and adventure to people who normally wouldn’t pick up reading.

6. Audiobooks Improve Memory And Brain Functioning

Books are known to improve your memory and optimize brain functioning. As your mind takes in ideas and words, your brain works to analyze, contextualize, and store the information you learn from a book.

The brain activity required to read actually challenges the brain and enables its capacity to expand. But can audiobooks give you these same benefits?

In truth, audiobooks could be just as beneficial as textbooks. Background listening is fine, but when you really focus on learning and listening to your books, you will realize the benefits.

In particular, your memory can really improve with audiobooks. Reading a physical book makes it easier to track your progress. But when you listen to a book, you have to rely more on memory to remember where you left off.

When listening to a fictional book, you’ll have to recall key plot points, conversations, and main characters. And when you are listening to a nonfiction book, you have to recall a sequence of facts to compile all the information you have learned.

After listening to many books and cataloging this data your memory naturally improves. In addition, you will also be able to process information more efficiently.

7. Helps You Stay Empathetic

Books help to keep you human. They put you in the shoes of other people who are countries away, cultures away, and even lifetimes away from you. As a result of this, when you read, you can hop into the minds of your favorite authors and take a chance to see a different point of view.

Most research studying the effects of books has been focused on physical print, but audiobooks have a similar effect. They can also enable you to be more understanding and empathetic towards other people.

You immerse yourself just as much in auditory stories as you can with written stories. And in some cases, you can become even more immersed.

Empathy is created when you can relate to others and see yourself through another person’s perspective. Audiobooks allow you to do just that.

Furthermore, audiobooks bring a more human element to books. The emotions and narration of a story can make a characters struggles all the more real and relatable.

8. Audiobooks Can Improve Your Mental Health

Listening to a book is a great way to unwind and improve your mental health. Sometimes, you just want to close your eyes and relax to the sounds of familiar words after a long day at work.

Audiobooks let you do this. They whisk you away from daily life and can soothe and reduce levels of stress. Having an outlet and a way to occupy your mind during hard times is important.

When you can keep yourself engaged in something productive or relaxing, you feel less psychological distress in your day to day life. Audiobooks aren’t a cure-all, but they are a step in the right direction.

In addition to the many other benefits of audiobooks discussed in this post, they offer you a chance to learn, take a break, and provide you a space that is entirely yours.

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