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Welcome to eightysixfourhundred.com!

Hi, I’m James, the creator eightysixfourhundred.

I live in Alberta, Canada – I studied electrical engineering at university and now work as an engineer in the construction industry. A little bit about me, I enjoy: being active outside, everything to do with soccer, snowboarding, backcountry camping, and programming. My favorite place to visit is Tofino, BC – check it out here on google maps.

I created this website as a way to provide tips and informative articles about making the most out of your day.

Each day you wake up, you are given 86,400 seconds. Too many people take this for granted. I’ll repeat it.

Until the day you die, you are given 86,400 seconds every day. Each day you are given a new opportunity, a new chance, a new way to make your mark, another day to make the most of your time until it is gone.

There are too many people that I either know or have encountered that seem to just go where ever life takes them. They don’t have any real drive or ambition to make the most out of their life.

Instead, they live for the weekends and dread Mondays. They let bosses, parents, friends, and others dictate what they can and can not accomplish. They are happy to complain but are never willing to take action and change their life.

Everyone has a dream or a goal they would like to accomplish, but too many people would rather take the cautious route. They would rather not take a risk in fear of failure or rejection. Or they are unwilling to put in enough work to change their situation but are happy to continue feeling sorry for themselves.

I encourage you to take control of your life, fight for what you believe in, and make the most out of each day.

So throughout this website, you will find articles with my thoughts and opinions (and those of like-minded people) on productivity, motivation, time management, organization, goal setting, to-do lists, and other similar categories.

I provide this information for two reasons. Firstly, in the hopes that by reading an article or two on this website, it might encourage you to take some action in your life and start going after what it is that you want to achieve. Secondly, to hold myself accountable to keep working hard to achieve the goals I set for myself, and to make the most of each day.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, please use the contact us page. Thanks for checking out the website!

The realization that there are 86,400 seconds each day. What are you doing today, so that tomorrow you are a step closer to where you want to be? If not now, then when?

eightysixfourhundred, make them count

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